Matcha Powder 

Ceremonial Grade Matcha


Cha Cha in your kitchen! Sourced from Uji’s preeminent cultivator, our matcha is stone-ground from the finest green tea leaves to ensure the potency of this super-powered caffeine. 

One month supply. 

Ceremonial Grade Matcha

Traditional Bamboo Matcha Whisk


“Do I really need a bamboo whisk?!"


Dear Skeptic: trust in Japan's tea masters and centuries of wisdom—bamboo was born for this. Our bamboo whisk declumps and froths matcha powder better than metal or plastic, and doesn’t impart off flavors. You also look legit while using it, we will admit.


Tip: 20-30 seconds of whisking powder in near-boiling water will achieve a gorgeous pour of tea. It's all in the wrist.

Traditional Bamboo Matcha Whisk

Matcha bowl


Create the perfect cup of matcha with our custom made chawan (matcha mixing / drinking bowl). 


Our bowls are designed and shaped to allow you to whisk a deliciously frothy cup of matcha at home.

Matcha bowl

Matcha Kit


Our at Home Matcha Kit is our classic take on making matcha.


Our newly designed kit combines everything you need for a contemporary matcha ceremony to help you master your ultimate brewing experience in your kitchen. 


The Matcha kit includes: 


- Custom pink matcha mixing bowl 

- Signature chasen (bamboo matcha whisk)

- Bamboo matcha measuring spoon 

- Matcha sifter

- Whisk holder

- 15 day supply of matcha 

    Matcha Kit