What is Matcha?

When it comes to matcha, we can go full-nerd. But you’re a click away from Google, so we’ll keep it brief. Matcha is a vibrant green powder milled from specially grown green tea leaves. While you may be recently acquainted, matcha beverages have been bringing good health and vibes to the Japanese since ancient times. It’s no secret why: matcha delivers caffeine, a high concentration of L-theanine and way more antioxidants than regular green tea (and pretty much every edible source out there).

Science tells us this means a smoother buzz (L-theanine regulates caffeine uptake, which is probably why Buddhist monks dig it) and stronger defenses (antioxidants protect us against heart diseases and cancers, and might even improve metabolism). Unlocking its powers is easy, because you can infuse matcha into just about anything—pastries, candy, hot beverages, cocktails. Traditionalist? Whisk matcha powder with near-boiling water to make a frothy, delicious tea.