How To Matcha

Matcha, at its simplest, is finely milled Japanese green tea leaves, traditionally prepped with hot water into a frothy, whipped beverage. This ancient Japanese drink has over 100-times the antioxidants of regular brewed tea and is naturally one of the most antioxidant-dense foods on the planet. It's a lot more than an ancient green powder.

So what does that mean and why do we care? Because antioxidants are the body's foot soldiers—

fighting inflammation, tissue damage, high cholesterol and elevated blood sugar. Matcha is also jacked with amino acids like L-Theanine—the yin to caffeine’s yang. While caffeine stimulates the nervous system, L-Theanine simultaneously calms and focuses the brain. The perfect one-two punch.

The best part? You can infuse Matcha into just about anything—pastries, candy, hot beverages, even cocktails.