About Us

Sure, Cha Cha is a store and a product. It is those things. But we like to think (hope) it’s a culture, too. Truth is, while we adore matcha, we like the community we’ve grown around it more. We love to hear people say Cha Cha is a great place to hang. Have a meeting. Write a lyric. Whatever it is people need a place for that’s not home, gym, office, bar.

Community matters. So does place. That’s why no cafe is designed the same. And why none will stay the same. ‘Cause we promise to keep it fresh, just like the cities we call home.

Lastly, we promise to serve you only the finest—in store and online. We’re proud as hell to serve some of the best matcha on the planet, in the most delicious ways we can think up. And we’ll keep experimenting with ways to do better. Why, you ask? Because we…

Love you so matcha.